Are you Stuck? 3 Secrets to beat it!

“And the day came when the risk to remain in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Anin

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Do you feel like you’re stuck in mud, no movement or growth?

And you’re progressing one step forward and two backward?

Are these thoughts running around in your mind……

Is this an impasse?”

What are these obstructions to growth?”

“ Can I make the changes?”

Are you breaking out into a sweat just thinking about these questions?

Is the voice in your head screaming… NOOOO! ?

Pause for a second and reflect on the culprits…..

There are a number of elements that come into play to prevent us from considering change, conditioning from our past, experiences, family and society, all can result in a fear of the unknown.

Let me explain.

Do you remember Pavlov and his dogs? Pavlov was a Russian scientist, who conducted an interesting experiment with his dogs. He rang a bell everytime he fed his dogs, eventually when he rang the bell the dogs would salivate, even without food. A new pathway was entrenched in the brain of these dogs, bell = food, when their brains heard a bell, the neural pathway signaled to the salivary glands to salivate, expecting food. This shows how we programme our brains with experiences from our past.

Now, take a moment, and think about this likelihood in your life.

Write these memories in your journal, this will give you insight, and assist you in changing the pathways.

Take a step into childhood.

We reminisce as a child playing in the sand, creating with play dough, inventing a world where anything is possible. The mind and brain of a child is open, non judgmental and unrestricted. As we grow up, we are told to stop dreaming, stop playing, grow up, you’re a dreamer. We translate this as playing is bad, dreaming is laziness and that’s a “sin”!

So, how does this translate into our lives and business?

Let’s look at Picasso to answer this question. Why Picasso, you may ask?

Picasso’s paintings are difficult for the conditioned mind to understand, he often paints both eyes on the same side of the head, or depicts disjointed figures and mixed up facial characteristics.

Test this for yourself: Look at the pictures below.

Our brains are so accustomed to see the human face with proportioned features that Picasso’s paintings cause discomfort, anxiety and judgement. These feelings will make us either run away from the images in disgust or open our minds to the possibilities. (Think about Pavlov’s dogs)

If we get a sense of our emotions and realise that these are only our preconceived ideas of what a face should look like, then we can allow our minds to change perceptions, appreciating the beauty and intensity of Picasso’s paintings. (Remember the child)

Can you see how this shapes our business?

Our reaction to a situation is determined by our experiences , our perception of the occurrence as well the experiences of others.

I cannot swim, in fact if my feet are n’t touching the bottom of the pool, I panic. Why ? my mother nearly drowned when she was 5 years old, as a result she has a fear of water and I learnt her behaviour. How? While I was growing up, my mother would freak out whenever we got close to a swimming pool, pond or lake, she transferred her fear to me. Obviously her intention was to protect me from drowning. So, I learnt from her fear, interpreting her it into “water must be dangerous”. This shows how we can attach to beliefs that don’t even belong to us!

However, only with my self awareness, did I realise the source of this fear of water and this experience gave me an opportunity to create a process to discover the source within other fears and beliefs. Once discovered, I transformed it and now can learn how to swim!

My partner, on the other hand is an excellent swimmer, who swam for the US national team.

Can you see how our conditioning designs our lives and as a result our business.

So, with this in mind change your perceptions, do some introspection, have some fun and contact me if you need some support and guidance to find the source of your “stuckness”!

If you dare!

Remember you are awesome!


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