Is Anxiety your Angel or your Nemesis?

Your anxiety can be the answer to breaking down your blocks. And some people don’t know that they are suffering from anxiety, it hides within the mind in memories.

Since I can remember, I’ve suffered from social anxiety. When in social situations, I would wish I could disappear in the walls and become invisible. This affected my confidence, social life, and work!

I didn’t know the reason for this until I began my journey of self-discovery!

I found that our minds determine our paths in life!

Let me explain what I mean:

Imagine an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself.

What do you do?

1. At first, you’re excited about the opportunity

2. Then your mind begins to churn and shouts at you:

“Why do you think you can do it?”,

“Who do you think you are?’,

“You’re not good enough”,

and so on.

The chiding continues…

3. Then the symptoms begin the sweaty palms, lightheadedness, foggy brain and so on.

4. The result?

Your procrastinate until the opportunity expires.

Your feeling of anxiety escalates and hating yourself for it!

5. Now it’s too late!

Your anxiety has reached epic proportions.

You’ve lost the opportunity and bridges are burnt!

Sounds familiar?

This is what’s happening

1. You make your decisions based on past experiences. What if you grabbed an opportunity in the past and it failed or a family member told you not to bother, you can’t do it.

or many reasons.

2. Your mind recalls and expects the same to happen when a similar situation arises.

Let me explain: Do you remember Pavlov’s experiment with his dogs? Pavlov fed his dogs and rang a bell. When Pavlov rang the bell, the dogs salivated even if he didn’t feed them! Can you see how your mind responds to situations in a similar fashion?

What can we do?

Our mind only knows what it knows. But awareness of our thoughts and feelings make it easier to discover the “bells” in our lives.

I discovered a “bell” in my life in an event at 12, I tripped over a carpet and my uncle ridiculed me in front of my entire family. Crazy right? This determined the direction of my life for many years in the form of social anxiety until I uncovered it! Now my mind can make decisions without the fixed choices of the past!


In retrospect, the social anxiety was an “Angel” as well as my Nemesis. My invisibility taught me how to read people and situations. This experience influenced me in starting my coaching business. Where I support and guide people to beat anxiety by uncovering the secrets of their anxiety.

What is your anxiety hiding?

Contact me if you need support and guidance to uncover your anxiety secrets or comment below and let’s start a conversation!

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