These 3 Revolutionary Lessons will change your Mind!

Once upon a time a mother has a baby girl, she is so excited; this little princess will be the ruler of her own world and achieve all her dreams……. This is the reverie of a mother, the child is immaculate and, in the eyes of her mother, nothing can compare to her greatness.

She teaches her princess to, “Be impeccable in your dress when you go out, and always be ready to meet the queen”.

The story continues with the princess dressing spotlessly, matching attire with perfect make up and flawless skin, she learns that judgement occurs within the first 6 seconds of meeting others. She continues with her life, growing and learning along the way.

Until one day she looks at herself in the mirror and sees her shriveled appearance, she looks sad and mediocre. Her eyes well up with tears; she has forgotten the lesson!

She runs to her mother, “what can I do”, she cries and her mother says, ‘why are you crying, get up and do something about it!”.

The little princess, is horrified, upset, at her mother’s cruelness, uncaring, cold attitude to her plight. She stares at her mother with her big blue eyes in shock and disbelief, does her mother forget who she is, she is the princess and she is entitled to her mother’s help!

She turns from her mother and dejectedly walks away. Her mother calls after her, “without a vision, the people will perish”, and “love is work made visible”, (Kahlil Gibran)

The little princess stops and turns to her mother, feeling small for a moment. Her eyes fill with tears as she grasps that without her mother she would be lost forever. She hugs her laughing, “Thank you Mom, you are my hero.”

The moral of the story:

1. Take care of yourself; with confidence and great self-image you can conquer the world

2. Maintain excellence; it’s easy to lose yourself and fall into mediocrity

3. Nobody owes you a life; you owe it to yourself to live a good one.

4. There are always two choices; take action or cry, the latter keeps you stuck.

5. Focus on your purpose and you will rise to excellence once more

6. Love is the greatest support of all!

How has your mom influenced your life?

Who is your hero?

Remember you’re Awesome!


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Carina Ghionzoli is a transformational coach and writer. When she isn’t coaching clients to transmute their fears, she creates courses and writes. You can also find her on LinkedIn.