What Did Bretman Rock Ever Do To You?

Media consumption in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Research shows that the average person consumes around 12 hours of media per day. You cannot deny that media is effecting our lives and you cannot deny that the people we choose to watch on social media become direct influencers in our lives.

A theory within communication called the uses and gratification theory recognizes that there is a large amount of different media out there to be consumed, but there is a reason behind why each person chooses to watch what they watch.

If you watch Bretman Rock on a regular basis, why do you watch his content? What does watching his content opposed to other content help or hurt you? Have you felt a sense of friendship with Rock or become emotionally attached from consistently watching his content? There are reasons as to why you and I consume his content opposed to others.

I know that I can speak for myself and say that I watch Rock’s content for these main two reasons.

First and for most, there are just some days where I am really feeling down and need to watch someone on social media who is really funny, who is also real about things, and without fail can always make me laugh really hard. Rock does that with his videos and that makes me really enjoy his content.

Secondly, even though Rock and I have opposing worldviews, that does not mean that I just dismiss his content. In fact, I love watching Rock’s content because of the fact that we disagree on alot of things. Regardless of our different views he can make me laugh, but more importantly he as a person challenges my mind and what it is that I really believe about when it comes to things that are important. I love that I get to learn a lot from Rock as a person and that I benefit from watching his videos, reading his posts, and by studying the language that he chooses to use to communicate to and with us as his followers.

Rock is a genius when it comes to consistent communication with his followers. His communication literally makes followers feel as though they are one of his good friends in real life. So in other words, from a communications theory stand point he does a good job at fostering a parasocial relationship with his followers. This basically means that he does a good job at creating fantasy frienships with his fans over social media. I think that Rock is successful at gratifying the needs of his followers because he communicates both on a personable and relatable level with his people which I can really appreciate as the communication is centered around the individual.

Rock has won over many fans by the fact that he is just being himself. He is not trying “too hard” and yet at the same time he is the most extra human out there.

We all seek to gratify some need of ours as we consume media, but all different types of media compete for our time and attention.

I asked the question, “What did Bretman Rock ever do to you?”

If you consistently choose to watch Rock he probably meets one of these needs.

The need to… hear someone else be vulnerable about normal real-life things, be affirmed, be empowered, believed in, be able to relate to someone who is like you or who is really different from you, be able to laugh really hard, or just to have someone who makes you feel like you have a real friend.

Media obviously affects all people differently, so even though I am a fan of Rock, it does not mean that you are. You may think that he is annoying or that his content is not tasteful. However, regardless of whether or not you like Rock or not and still choose to actively watch his content, there is a reason behind it.

Sadly, there are people who meander around on social media for the sole purpose of going around to pick fights with people through the comments section. This too is an act of consuming content in order to satisfy a personal need.

Yes, Rock has alot of followers and fans, but he also has people who continuously shread him to peices and who send him hate within the comments. Ironically enough, there are people who seek to watch certain content just for the sole purpose of picking people apart. So sadly enough, as much as I love Rock, I would be naive to think that there are not people who follow Bretman Rock and who watch his content just to make fun of him. This is the negative side of why people watch what they watch as it also helps to gratify some kind of need in their life.