Self Mastery and the journey we call Life

There is a process to mastering the Self.

And its not a tick the box kind of process.

It is a lifelong process that we cycle through again and again.

BUT.. one of the key learnings in mastering the self, we come to understand that it is not just about one level of self.

It is so much more than this.

It is the process of knowing the self, and then coming to an awakening that opens us to more than the self, and then an expansion of self that allows us to be greater than the self.

Time and time again….

And at some point in time this has to be the most important thing that we can step into.

We realise at some point that this journey of Self is what takes us beyond self and into a greater way of living.

It is that eternal internal calling that tugs and becomes a yearning.

We may not recognise it, or understand it at first but as it unfolds and we realise and acknowledge the journey we are on, we become filled with the excitement of discovering all that we are and life as if for the first time.

So, how does Self unfold?

Well it isn’t a one way kind of deal. And that is what we call Life. It is the releasing, the unfolding, the unveiling of all the masks and robes and cloths we have adorned in order to hide our truth, and bringing ourselves back to our essence.

It is like cutting away the dead and rotting branches that inhibit growth. It is pulling foliage from our branches that have tried to attach to our journey. These of course are not just of the physical but of the mental and the spiritual as well.

It is all that holds us to our becoming back to our truth.

As we move through Self we come to Knowing. Taking the road to acknowledge all that we are is not an easy journey. For so much that we have hidden is aching to be released. So much that we have denied is asking for acceptance and so much that we have been seeking is lying dormant within. It is an endless journey. that returns again and again in its efforts to seek higher self.

As we move from knowing self we move to MORE than Self the space where we begin to encounter the desire for greater connection to life. We are seeking to not only connect but to become one again with all that it is. we want to touch. Not just physically but through our most purest essence. we want to be with the sun and the moon. We seek to know the stars. we yearn deeper for the unity of each other. Within this phase we find ourselves opening to the heartache of atrocities and neglect that are occurring and we seek to want to heal all that is around.

From this space of More than Self we move to GREATER than Self.

This glorious phase opens us to the possibility of acceptance of All That Is. To an understanding of Life that is more than we have known. To a union that is without barrier or border. To connection as one energy to the soul of all the greatness that can be discovered.

And we do this cycle again and again

And each time we encounter a new version of all that we are. Each encounter takes us deeper and more intricately woven into the mastery of the web that is the weave and patterns of life. It is the glorious connection of truth and oneness and embodiment of greater realisation and ONE.

It is here, that we master all that is the Self.

Self Mastery is a glorious calling and one you are already hearing. Yet are you responding?

Are you ready to connect and commit?

Are you ready to know you and life greater than before?

I can only ask that once you hear this tone, this echo, this whisper, that you run, without hesitation towards your beginning.

With love xxx

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