The weight of Truth

The truth about truth is that it can be too much to bear.

It can be too heavy for the heart to hold.

It can weigh heavy into our soul.

It can be so hard to bear that we can hardly speak of it, feeling that it would be too much for others to hear.

Too much for others to feel and have to experience.

Sometimes the truth of what has been or what is, is so over powering that we think that even Life cannot cope with it.

The reality is, that most of us, don’t even know of the truth that others live by.

We wouldn’t be able to comprehend the truth that is their life, and as such we find it difficult to connect when we hear stories about how others are experiencing life.


Is this you?


Is your truth so heavy that you feel others could simply never connect to it?

That how Life has unfolded for you has been full of circumstances that others would never believe to be true?


Because the reality is, that we often forget what Life is for others. Despite endless reporting of News telling us that things are tragic all over the world, it still seems to fall into the ‘it couldn’t happen to anyone I know’ category.


It seems we remain ignorant or naive to what truth people are actually living.

And I don’t think for one moment that we can continue to allow this.

We need to begin to see the truth that IS some peoples lives and how they are living.

For only through this — can we expand and open our hearts to truly bringing greater equality to Life everywhere.


Statistics show us the high rate of Family Violence. The high rate of Suicide. The extremely crazy accounts of famine and poverty. The incidents of drought affected areas that leave lives dying of dehydration. We hear about child trafficking and the appalling scourge that is Pedophilia.


We can go to the reality of some groups of people still encountering genital mutilation, or barbaric cases of death for infidelity. We can move to lack of education for children and in particular girls.


The truth is that how we live our truth is not everyones experience of it.

Our truth of the way we live, is often far greater than the reality of those around us.

Why do I bring this to our attention?

Because here — we are committed to The Way.

to finding the way. To allowing all of us to know their way.

In our connection to Self, we only expand as we move to MORE than self. And in this we are seeking out the connection to all those around us.

And in order to connect we need to be able to open our eyes, our hearts and our souls to the truth that is the lives of those around us.

If we cannot bear to open ourselves to the truth of others, we will not connect with them and their lives.

We have to be willing to put aside how we experience and know life, in order to open to how others are experiencing life in order for us to truly connect.

If we aren’t prepared to bear the weight that is another’s truth, we aren’t truly committed to helping them rise to a greater one.

If we aren’t willing to open our own stories to listening to The Way of others, we aren’t truly willing to connect to All of Life.

And we shall remain in disconnect

We shall remain without true meaning and fullness of Life.

We shall be closed to finding peace, as this is a unified project.


So I ask of you — to step into a space that challenges the truth of your life, to hearing the truth of those around you.

Yes it may be uncomfortable, yes it may feel heavy and burden you with some of their pain.

Yet it will also begin the process for change to come. For light to step in. For Life to take over and open us to bringing greater equality to all.

Simply by opening ourselves to the truth of another, we can open to making the changes necessary for all of Life to begin again.

Learning the truth of the lives of those around us can only depend our commitment to one another as a unity fully living and experiencing life.

May you open and expand to feeling the truth of those around you.

with love xxx

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