What brings meaning to life

What brings meaning to life?

I have long worked with this energy and thought and feeling to expand to open to what is within it.

Yes we must open ourselves to knowing and discovering all that we are, but that the fullness of meaning?

What allows each day to be meaningful and hold us to wanting to create another day, another moment?

If you stop right now and think about meaning to your life, it brings about a really HUGE question and long deep pondering.

To say what is the meaning of life, we all will differ to what our beliefs are and how we see life form and what created it.

But to say what brings meaning to life, is at least a beginning of that journey that allows us to question our own life, our own existence and what we make of it.

For in the end, is that not what is meant to bring meaning to life?

That we made something of our life?

Or do we question it deeper to asking is the meaning of our life:

That we have found our purpose?

Our gifts?

That we have shared as who we are?

That we have given back?

I am hoping that you are not remaining in a space that sees you thinking there is no reason for your being here, for your life for your existence?

I am hoping you are not still thinking and believing that your meaning is tied to material gain, or possession or money?

I am hoping that in you discovering your way, or a new way that you will find meaning.

Your way, the way in which you live and experience and receive life, how you then give back, is what will ultimately bring your life to meaning.

Yet is it just enough to find a way?

I really took that longer into questioning.

Because I stopped to realise that even though I can find meaning in all that I am and in all that I do, without connection to Life, to community, to family — what meaning is truly offered?

In connecting to all that is around me, I discover that my Self becomes more than i realised,and that my purpose becomes greater that i could have imagined.

Because then its all for a cause. For more than just me. And that provides meaning!

It is the same as in creating legacy.

The legacy itself is a way of leaving behind what we found cause and meaning and connection to.

This is our children and how we create them.

This is how we spend our money and our way of being is all tied into this.

Meaning, the greatest of meaning, is not just the meaning OF life, but the meaning TO life. For this opens us to seeing more than just one aspect and to fully creating into the greatest that can ever be through who we are. Through what we do, through our own way and footprints.

I ask you to sit and discover the meaning and value to your life through the questions of what will bring this meaning and depth to all that you offer here.

And then to live that! To make that your way!

To connect and to really live amongst all that IS life.

With love xxx

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