Patience and Perseverance is the key to make anything successful. Similar is the story of Carjoz:

In late 2015, one of the co-founders, Azeem, brought his own car, a Fiat Palio. He was returning from Hyderabad to his home town, Nalgonda. While he took a small break from driving, his car wouldn’t start. No matter what he tried, it was all in vain. Being an automotive engineer, he tried it do basic troubleshoots but had no success in starting the car. He was already 50 kms away from Hyderabad and he desperately needed a mechanic. Luckily, he found one.


There is a story behind every idea. An Idea which turned into reality!


An odd name of a venture. Hard to pronounce for the first time but we like it.

Why ?

Why was such a brand built?

and How was it built?

All it started late 2015, When our co-founder,an automobile engineer was coming from his home town to Hyderabad in his new car Fiat Palio. While coming on his way he has stopped the car for a while for some halt. And when he tried starting the car it didn’t start. The situation was immense. He was…

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A revolution in Car Maintenance sector

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