~2015 in review
Sebastian McKenzie

Arrogance is part of tech. I mean people spend years and years working on something and it is sometimes frustrating and hard to understand especially for some senior developers that things change, and they are not as they used to be, of the fact that younger people need time to learn things and they don’t have all the experience of a senior developer. The problem with software development, is that companies and the industry as a whole, don’t really care about the psychology of the work, which in other industries like top management executives, it is highly regarded that a person has a high level of emotional intelligence, but this doesn’t really apply in tech. So eventually you get a lot of people that are arrogant and completely lack self control.

When I started off with my first few jobs it was the same for me, and I believe it also happens to everyone everywhere. The way you deal with it, is basically not care and don’t take it personal. Sometimes people are just moody, doesn’t mean that the developer that complained means that he hates you or doesn’t appreciate your work.