Hi Carl. I am actually a Recovery Coach, the child of an addict, and a person in long term…
Holly Kellums

Holly, I am speechless. I can’t even begin to express my appreciation for your sharing this with me. What I have learned to love most in my life are the moments of clarity when I listen to that “voice,” put it “out there,” and trust it will fall on ears meant to hear, whether I know it or not. To receive feedback like yours is so special. My heart truly aches for Noah, and I haven’t, until this moment, declared that I trust this story is far from finished. Perhaps someone in your audience, or your audience’s audience, will find this and find a way to make a difference. If not in Noah’s life directly, in another’s who will be touched by his story and your message. Thank you for your kind words and for the action you’re inspired to take on Noah’s behalf. I would love to connect. My website and contact information is in my profile. Please reach out anytime. I’m very informal and would warmly welcome your outreach.