Gerad Zanoni

Hi Gerad!

I like that you got the chance to interview a past General Mills employee. Even though he didn’t have much to say for education on snacking, I think that there was a lot of good insight for preparing a snack idea and getting a good marketing campaign out there. I also like that the interview with the dads provided a lot of different insight into how they consider education on snacking. I never would have thought that parents were more concerned on the ingredients than if they tasted good.

I wish that you would have delved more into whether they spend more time looking at ingredients of new products or do they go off of recommendations that they hear from other people? I also wish that you would have came back and elaborated, or shared the results, of the test that you took and compared how your snack-studying helped you for the test.

What if you tried to create a snack that was centered around teaching parents and children about various ingredients? Kind of like how Cheerios teach kids about cholesterol? But make into some sort of exciting activity for them. You could integrate your experience of snack studying into this and try to find what kinds of snacks help do the best activities.