Carl Dackö
Feb 22, 2017 · 1 min read

I am glad you liked it. I agree that the personality is not super unique as a lot of fruit, thanks to million years of evolution have given us very similar value. However to say that the pomegranate is comparable in product design to the banana is a stretch. The banana far more ergonomic, has a clearer indication when ripe and the sugar kick helps against fatigue a lot better. Proven point: Its impossible to drive a car and eat a pomegranate:)

But in all seriousness I would argue that product development with this Brand personality is endless, for example: What about a blood sugar device connected to your smartphone that indicates when its time to have a banana, maybe with a sweet yellow character that you can play chess against while thus banana break and over time you get life logging data that tells you when your sugar dips are during the day. Smart-sweet-healty

Polarization is important in brand strategy but i would argue it depends on the product. In the banana example which is one of the most eaten fruit in the western world, I would go for a more dualistic brand strategy approach, ref BMW and Mercedes, Pepsi and Coke, Nike and Adidas, basically finding a dance partner and not a full-on rebel blue ocean.

What do you think?

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