Carl Dackö
Feb 21, 2017 · 1 min read

Yes you are right its a simplified process, its a five minute read. I don’t know if you understood the article or what a Qualitative Interview is. To clarify: Its more of a discussion between two people about why they feel in a certain way much like how a therapist tries to find root a reason for a symptom. And feelings is something you never can get out of Quantitive Data.

Yes you are correct: ”A faster horse” is the problem (thanks for kicking in that door), but in design everything starts with a problem, the problem is the brief and ”A faster horse” is the best vehicle design brief ever written. Understand the users real problem with the current situation is square one in: Design, Branding, engineering, service design…

The lion share of branding consultants out there buy data from trend analyst companies and maybe do a survey. This we know dose not work, as it can only confirm something your looking for. Much like the guy on his hands an knees in the street trying to find his lost keys but only looks where the streetlight is illuminating the street.

Thanks for the book tip.

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