The Internet of Things…

Is you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pseudo-tech companies (see my recent blog, ‘Vanity Matrix’) are embracing TIoT as a way of proving (sic) they are relevant; enhancing our lives in a tangible way and so dispelling the cynical view of some that most of the apps/devices that they offer for our latest iAmulet or iTalisman are nothing more than a transient, worthless, consumer trinket.

Just imagine, your fridge re-ordering milk when it senses you’re running low. Sit in smug awe on your train journey home, knowing you can remotely adjust your home thermostats, room by room. Sleep safe at night knowing your smart-watch is uploading your latest physiology data to your doctor. Delegate your relationships to an app; relieve your soul via a virtual mentor; find a restaurant by recommendations from people you don’t know. It’s no longer a dream — it’s reality!

You get the picture.

True tech is transformative, ideally in a positive way for mankind. True tech is hard: it’s tangible and impacts our lives physically every day. Pseudo tech is vacuous and often pretentious; desperate to find ways to justify that billion dollar valuation. It doesn’t have a factory, or an artisan workshop — it’s a few hipsters with iMacs writing some code. Don’t be told otherwise — coding is pretty damn cheap and risk-free when compared to doing something ‘real’.

This is the difference between true and faux tech companies.

The greatest asset in TIoT is you. And others. For pseudo tech companies in the context of you as the product; in real tech companies you are the enabler. Big difference. Do you want to be a data-source or a person?

That we can immediately witness and discuss protests in Ferguson or Hong Kong and within minutes understand what has catalysed such events, and feel an empathy for the people involved — people like you and me — is what we need to embrace: the opportunity is finally with us for real change, and empowerment for all. But, to do so, we need to ensure we don’t end up using this amazing era of connectivity simply for the digitising of mundane analogue functions.

To be sold the notion that such apps/devices are liberating is disingenuous. They are not, they are simply a distraction from the real issues that are brooding in our society, regardless of where we live, our culture, our status.

Use TIoT to learn, share, communicate. To help. To enable change.

We are all in this together; the plutocrats, technocrats, and autocrats would prefer we continue to focus on the latest shiny new app avatar on our smart-phone/watch. Nothing will change if we do so, we will simply further digitise our lives and souls and waste the unique opportunity that is before us.

The Quantified Self? Think more about The Quality of Self — for you, and others like you.

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