Invincible You, Invincible Me!

Invincible you. Invincible me…

Sojourning in a country not our own;

A country that’s not the land of our birth.

Grinding, hustling,

Making it work.

Classified as 2nd class, 3rd or 4th class citizens.

AKA skilled migrant workers, legal/illegal immigrants,

Asylum seekers, refugees, visiting professors and expats.

Invincible you, invincible me…

Marginalised, discriminated, exploited, bullied and abused.

It’s discrimination of a more sophisticated kind.

Segregated by race, nationality, country of birth, degree issuing institution,

Skills, qualification and language.

Non-English or English speaker, native or fluent speaker.

Battling sexism, ageism, racism, elitism, imperialism?

Invincible you, invincible me…

Come to our shores, migrate to our land.

We need professionals like you,

This is no scam.

Nurses, teachers, doctors, engineers and IT professionals,

Seek a better world for you and your family!

But in reality…

Work in factories, McDonalds, Walmart and Burger King,

Build roads, apartments and bridges.

Clean other people’s homes and care for their kids

Drive taxis, pump gas, some even commit illegal acts.

Willing to do anything -

Just to send money to our families back home and survive!

Invincible you, invincible me…

“So, you want to compete for professional jobs and other perks?”

“Well, you’ve got to attend our schools if you hope to do that!”

“Cause your degree was issued outside of our shores,

There’s no place for it inside these doors.”

Invincible you, invincible me…

The system -

Don’t get angry or upset,

Just maintain your dignity and remain cool!

Many have succeeded and many more will do.

No one owes you anything, yes, it’s true.

Work smarter not harder, you’ll find the way.

The story of seeking a better opportunity.

Is replete with history.

You will succeed by the grace of God,

Through handwork and unrelenting faith,

You can live your dream, it’s never too late!

So, devise your strategy, make a plan,

And, execute with skilled precision.

Become your biggest fan!

Invincible you, invincible me…

Yes! Indomitable me!

Written by: Carla Ibanzo

That’s it folks. Thanks for reading!