Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Cory Kuklick

You said it yourself, none of what you wrote requires a 20-minute preamble. But if what you say doesn’t merit a 20-minute preamble, why spend a full week on it? We already know that about Bannon and King and their ilk. You aren’t even going to provide links for it because there is no need to do so for the obvious. So… you want them to investigate the obvious? You want them to spend a week talking about the obvious? Really? I can hear it now. Maddow: “Bannon is a mega-racist. What say you, Chuck Todd?” Todd: “Yep, bombshell. Bannon is totes racist.” Maddow: “Welp, that’s it for our show. Tune in tomorrow for our discussion on Steve King. Is he a big ole’ Nazi loving racist? Hmmm… Good night everybody!”

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