On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Did you google the author? She’s a NYC-based lawyer whose firm seems to focus mainly on defending hedge fund managers and similar Wall Street types. http://www.beckerglynn.com/robin-l-alperstein/ . She was the lawyer defending some Chilean aristocrats on the Upper East Side a few years ago — they had been charged with exploiting their nanny. http://nypost.com/.../chilean-nanny-claims-upper-east.../ . They seem to have been not very nice people: http://gawker.com/the-worst-email-from-a-rich-jackass.... Alperstein has clearly used some false or misleading information in her article, and here I quote someone from a friend’s facebook page:

“Sanders has consistently voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act even though it contains no “single-payer”. An article from Politico about Sanders being willing to vote with the party line, against his ideals: http://www.politico.com/.../bernie-sanders-democratic...

Second, the argument that since Obama took money from Wall Street therefore it is okay doesn’t work out. See this excerpt from his 2006 book where he talks about the corrupting influence of money in his own personal policy decisions: https://theintercept.com/.../barack-obama-never-said.../

Third, the issue isn’t that individuals who work in finance are giving money to Clinton’s campaign but that the institutions’ PACs are giving money to Clinton’s campaign. I agree that there is a difference between an employee of JP Morgan giving to Hillary vs. JP Morgan’s PAC giving to Hillary. And in this case both are happening.

Here is a counter-point to the alleged “$23 million in illegal contributions” http://crooksandliars.com/.../no-social-media-warriors...

All this makes me doubt that what is really going on in this article is that a woman experienced a slow disillusionment with Bernie Sanders. That is a narrative that would get me to look twice, but I don’t think it’s true. And it was released two days before the NYC primary — just in time to make people doubt but not have time to really respond or discredit its claims. This reads to me like a calculated attack by someone who made up their mind a while ago.