Startup Weekend IoT Edition!

Buenos Aires chose IoT as the focus for the next Startup Weekend, expecting entrepreneurs from different countries in the region.

“The Internet of Things has the potential to change the world, just like Internet did. Maybe even more so.” Kevin Ashton (@Kevin_Ashton)

Argentina has a solid ecosystem with great and experienced professionals. Focused on building global (or regional) solutions within that evolution, communities have a long history, and Startup Weekend has been playing a lead role for several years.

Even though IoT is the hot topic, only 6% of Startups that are related to Internet of Things are located in South America.
So, why not a Startup Weekend focused on the Internet of Things? ;)

With this Edition, we are looking to combine the power and the rise of spaces Makers, research laboratories of universities and 3D printers, plus the talent of designers and engineers.

About us.

It is a common limitation for entrepreneurs in Latam to restrict their business plan solely to the market within their country, underestimating their talent and the potential impact of their ideas.

That’s why we are bringing participants from all the region.

This event will not only inspire young people to become entrepreneurs, but also will help them create and expand their professional networks bringing in diversity. Moreover, it will help them to break the geographic barrier that ties their ideas to local markets, increasing their self-confidence as entrepreneurs.

We are expecting to bring in industrial, civil, mechanical and electronic engineers, industrial designers, architects, and other professionals who want to contribute with ideas and their specific expertise.

The organizers. We are a group of people from Argentina, Venezuela and Paraguay that continuously contribute to their local community. We come from diverse backgrounds and expertise; this helps us increase our audience and the range of participants.

We have done it in the past with PalermoValley, StartupDigest, StartupWeekend, StartupNEXT, GOAP and many other initiatives.

As community leaders, we are always looking to bring innovation cutting edge innovations.

We are super excited about this! We believe that bringing together people from so many different backgrounds and regions will boost creativity and expand the sense of community of participants from their local areas to the whole region.