Do You Want To Take Control? Just Breath!

Let’s face it, we just don’t breath right and the difference this simple action can do in our lives is phenomenal!

Working for more than 16 years with hypnotherapy, I turned my attention, during a recent period of 5 years, only to breathing. In my researches, I came across several kinds of technics and all of them have useful methods.

There are several technics that helps in the process of relaxation and they are amazing. But what if I just wanted or needed to use breathing to achieve something else, like get rid of pain, become more physically strong or even upgrade my immune system?

Yes, it is possible.

My first contact with breathing exercises was the Wim Hoff “The Iceman” Breathing Technic:

For those people that can take some time, between 30 to 60 seconds for beginners or 60 minutes and beyond for advanced breathers, this method is truly amazing and delivers what it promises. I have been doing it for 6 months and using in my hypnotherapy sessions. My quality of life and my patients have improved significantly.

Curious? Visit Wim Hoff’s website or watch one of the many interviews he gave around the world. I first saw him here:, by the way, one amazing show that helps people by putting them in contact with people the really worth watching.

Recently my mother suffered an accident and broke her ankle in two places. Minutes before going to surgery she became highly stressed and her blood pressure went so high that the doctors refused to operate her. She had to stay hospitalized for several days and despite the drugs, her blood pressure was totally out of control for 3 days. Using simple breathing technics like the Triangle Breathing and Square Breathing I was able to help her low the blood pressure in just 15 minutes. This practice showed the efficiency of the exercise but of course, the doctors maintained the drugs protocol as they should.

Another amazing method is the Burst Breathing. Masters and students of the Russian Martial Arts called Systema uses as one of the breathing technics that are extremely efficient in pain control. In order to try its efficiency, I invited my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master, Wagner Oliveira, to do the research with me. We applied the burst breathing on the gym and we realized that through breathing fighters were able to tolerate pain 25 to 60% more than usual.

The breathing subject is very wide and I plan to be very specific in each technic I’ve learned. There will be a text about the subject very soon. But I can’t leave without talking about the Holotropic Breathwork. The kind of breathing that brings a result very similar to deep hypnosis unconscious state. A trip to the deepest parts of our minds just by breathing. Stanislav Grof and his wife worked with the Transpersonal Psychology and the Holotropic Breathwork to help their patients find the cure to great traumas. It releases the energies contained in the trauma allowing the human to take a more conscious and healthy life. The Holotropic Breathwork demands a highly trained professional, due to its unexpected effects. But in the end, the patient finds himself free and absolutely cured of his traumas.
Grof wrote several books about his work and they are all for sale on the internet. It worths every page.

As you see my friends, quality of life is just a few breaths away from us. The question is: will you have the courage and discipline to try?

“Every science that does not deal with liberation is useless.”