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What to do when you are dis-regulated, uncomfortable, disorientated…
You get dis-regulated when you get a should moment, “I should be doing… right now”. You need to practice mindfulness when you have a should moment.

“It’s what you should do to clear things and set things up for next time, so you make it easy for your future-self to get started. This minimizes friction which makes it harder for procrastination to kick in.”*

Mindfulness is a process that involves 4 steps:

1) Awareness, aka to be ‘Present’. Pinch yourself. This is the moment we wake up, realizing that something is happening and to US e.g. Have you ever woken up and realized that you are driving a car, while driving a car. It’s a decision, however it happens automatically sometimes (luck), but to make it consistent, one needs to decide to become aware (we see people who do this as heroes). This decision needs to happen perpetually. It’s making your mind be in your body. Seeing… just being here. It opens up all your options.

2) Attention | Focus |Fine tuned awareness |Knowing who you are and combining that with your awareness. You know what you want. Don’t waste time thinking about the things you don’t want to do. Think of what resources is available to you right now. You know yourself, you know who you are. Now break the awareness down to fit yourself, your unique being’s desires, what makes your soul happy. This method helps you choose any one of those that you became aware about. It gives you the answers because you get to choose, then everything that will happen will happen because you designed it.

3) Remembrance = re-basing to your awareness, what caused your awareness; going back to what caused the dis-regulation. Asking yourself why you are being dis-regulated.

4) Curiosity and Compassion: Curiosity activates our compassion and this helps us to move towards the thing you chose to give your attention to — How can I reach my intention with what I have right now. “What can I…”.
Every time you breathe do this process. You do it, it changes another thing. But when your intention is always the same, you will inevitably move towards it by being mindful and choosing to focus your actions on your intention every moment.

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