Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

Excellent article. I’m glad you wrote it and I read it. I hear a lot of “I’m pissed off at my lot in life and I’m going to blame the easiest targets” in these words. Look, I, too, am a small business owner, with no 401(k) plan left and no college savings for my kids due to a catastrophic family health issue 10 years ago. The ACA would have helped if it had been in place then. But I sense that the difference between some of the statements in this post and my family’s M.O. is that we believe we need to take responsibility for our own lives. I know the government isn’t going to help me personally. I had to completely rework my career / job in order to take care of family and continue paying the mortgage. Not my first choice. But I did it. I also understand that every day, we take advantage of infrastructure and programs built and maintained by the government: highways, schools, universities, libraries, bridges, student loans, police & fire protection… and the list goes on. It’s hard to understand the “what has the government done for me” lament when I look at this list. Not all perfect, but what would we do without them? And, despite my reduced circumstances, I still believe that it is our responsibility as part of a society to have compassion for and care for those who have even less than us. Anyway, apologies if I’ve made assumptions about you that aren’t true. I’m truly interested in solutions that will help all of us, in this global economy (it isn’t going away). But I despise the hateful name-calling, insults, threats, and bullying that some Trump supporters feel is the way to make their case. Not the values that we grew up with, right? And not the way to find common ground. I, too, like to think freely, but *thinking* freely, and *saying* whatever we want despite how much it might hurt someone, is not the same thing. Wishing you more peace and happiness. God bless. And thanks for writing this.