When Black Joy Has White Witnesses
Dominique Matti

I really enjoyed the article, however it caused some anxiety to rise in my heart. I am a 55 year old Black woman . I can trace my roots back to 1837. I live where my fore parents were enslaved. I fully understand your position. Before deciding to respond, I read some comments that upset me. There’s just one fact I want to point out. The slaves were supposedly made free in 1863. Yet the march on Washington was 1963. One hundred years later, and we were still fighting for our entitled rights. Now what’s that all about? The great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, We’ve been given a bad check. This meant our Federal government did nothing to ensure that our rights were not violated by the very people who enslaved our fore parents. I will be comfortable in letting the past-be-the past when we receive the compensation we are due (40 acres and a mule). And for the racist who wrote that we get food stamps and so on. You need to check your facts. More Whites use Social Services than Blacks, but oh, you probably think you are entitled. If the whites who succeeded from the Union, started the Civil War had of been punished as they deserved, such as, loosing the land and other riches accumulated off the sweat of the Blacks. Then I would gladly let it go!

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