Ways to Fight Bi-phobia and Bi-erasure
Cassandra Westwood

Years ago I used to call myself queer, in an attempt to avoid biphobia or having to say I was a lesbian, or straight. I guess I would be considered bi. Attraction, for me is not based on gender or anatomy.

I have only ever experienced biphobia from one lesbian. Bi girls, in her opinion were dirty and slutty. At times people assume, without knowing me, that I am a lesbian or straight (never bi or queer), I have called people on it, corrected some on it, and I’ve avoided it all together (pretending not to hear a comment or question if background noise or other distractions permit).

If I am attracted to you, you’ll know, I often say when people who ask about my preference. Attraction is also, if you ask me not something you can quantify either (peopling wondering if your attracted equally 50:50 to either sex) it’s not a numbers game.