Sponsered Content Project

Copy Platform

Ad subject: Mapleridge Apartments
 Key fact:
Few people know about Mapleridge apartment complex

Ad problem: The target audience needs to know about Mapleridge

Advertising objective: The ad should tell the audience about Mapleridge

Product characteristics:

· Located downtown and away from campus

· Pool

· Private patio and storage units in every home

· Low prices… 1B 1Ba $585; 2B 1 ½ Ba $685; 3B 2Ba $815

· Leases from 6 mo or 12–14 mo

· Oversized closets

· Wood burning fireplace

· Social events

· Basketball, tennis, playground

· Lots of parking

· Pre wired for cable and fast internet

Target marketing: Graduate students

Competition: Because Lynchburg is a college town, most other apartments are geared towards college students

Statement of benefit or appeal: Affordable, good location, luxurious perks, spacious

Creative theme: BuzzFeed style post… For starting your adult life out of a dorm…

Supportive selling points: Affordable, away from campus, still feels like home, more space space than a dorm..

Sponsored Post:

4 Things to Look for in Your First Post-college Apartment

· Location, Location, Location — When you were taking classes full time, it was convenient to just roll out of bed and walk across the street to your 8:15. Now that you’ve graduated, it’s about time to get away from campus life. Look for apartments that give you a little space from your alma Mata. Explore apartments downtown and away from the college scene. It’s the perfect way to transition into your adult life!

· Space — We all know how hard it was to cram all of your stuff from home into a few duffle bags, and then cram them into the tiny spaces of your freshman dorm. But we’re adults now, right? We can’t keep wearing the same, oversized, red flannel everyday because it just happens to be the only thing that fits into our closets! Look for apartments who have designed their buildings to have more closet space so you can start your post-undergraduate life with all of the essentials… including your oversized red flannel. Just stick it there next to your blazer and pencil skirt.

· Hominess — No doubt about it, a dorm felt like a dorm. One perk of having an apartment is that you can make it feel like home in ways that a dorm just could. And what’s more homey on a cold, December evening, right before break, than cozying up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate? If that doesn’t feel like I home, I don’t know what will. Find an apartment that you can take a break from writing that Master’s thesis and warm up by the wood burning fireplace, like the ones built in to every apartment at Maple Ridge! Or enjoy the warmth while you finish up those last assignments before finalizing plans to make it home for Christmas.

· Rent — It was hard balancing 4 page essays and social events when you were an undergraduate, but now you’re trying to balance graduate level work and your first, real job. Look for apartments that are easily manageable in your new budget. At Maple Ridge, rooms start at only $585 a month, and include all of the necessities that your parents never warned you you’d need to pay for… like your water bill.

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