What I’m Listening to Lately (Muslims in America, Politics, Unsolicited Advice, Avenged Sevenfold, Science in Music, Horror podcast)

See Something, Say Something ep. 4 “Where Do We Go”

Around halfway through, there is a discussion of how Muslims, African American Muslims in particular, have already paid for their citizenship a thousand times over, in blood and toil, and the white political trend of talking about how American Muslims have to prove themselves by speaking out against terrorism and fighting the extremist regimes.

(Also love how they flat out address that thing so many liberals said, which was “how in the world could Trump win? No one saw this coming” which is crap, because a bunch of people saw it coming, especially if they were on the ground in red states, and also, his mobilizing force was white supremacy, which is a terrible, powerful mobilization.)

We share our thoughts and feelings on the outcome of the election, the role of the internet, and what we think we can do next.

The Read “Doing the Butt…Again”

Their episodes are generally great, but Crissle’s read in this one really struck home with me. She talks about unsolicited advice, the damage it can do, and how unnecessary it is, particularly from people who don’t actually know your life.

Poor choices all around.

Talk is Jericho “Avenged Sevenfold — The Stage”

Really great discussion of the writing process and theme of the album; it’s made me want to listen to it immediately. I’m sad I didn’t listen to this episode when it first aired.

Happy Halloween… and how the F did that just happen!?! A brand new Avenged Sevenfold studio album just dropped! Surprise! It’s called “The Stage,” and singer M. Shadows and guitarist Sinister Gates are giving the exclusive to the guy who helped make it happen — Y2J! They’re taking you inside the studio for the writing and recording process, explaining how superstar astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson got involved, and sharing the careful planning (and inspiration) that went into the secret album release. They’re also talking touring, Kanye West, and embracing the digital age! Plus, your fav podcast host explains his role in this incredible (nearly not leaked) feat! #VoltaicOceans

The Box podcast

I am about 10 episodes behind on this, so can’t speak to current storyline, but I generally enjoy the episodes (and the story behind them) a lot, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Box is an audio drama horror podcast hosted by Addison Gilmore. After finding an impossibly old lock box stuffed with creepy journals filled with weird and varied tales, she decided to launch a weekly podcast sharing the stories and researching the contents of the box. But as time goes on, the collection she at first thought of as an elaborate group fiction project becomes much more than it seemed.
The Box is written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson.
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