[writing] Project List, February 2017

First writing update of the new year. I am sometimes still struggling with writing in the face of facist regime — what is the point of creation? I struggle with this a lot, though, because creating, especially the story of fiction I write (and art I make), seems futile. (It was supposed to get better as the world gets better, or at least that’s what they used to tell me.) But writing can be resistance, too, and so I create.

(On a more mundane note, I was finally able to work editing into my schedule better. My writing numbers for the month took a hit, but I try to focus more on year-long numbers than individual days, weeks, or months. [Try. Mostly fail, because I have OCD-tendencies with the bipolar, and can focus on the numbers too much.] But at least things are getting editing now.)

Current active projects:

Stand Alone Books:

1. Monsters in the Trees
Young adult horror. Friends, makeouts, and monsters in an isolated cabin. Status: Draft one on hold. Need to revisit the outline.

2. Winter Cabin
New adult or adult paranormal romance. There are monsters in those snow-filled trees. Status: Draft three complete, and with my early readers. Once I receive their feedback, I’ll begin the next edit. Goal is to submit by late summer.

3. Monsters and Music
Young adult horror. Ghosts and werewolves, oh my. (witches and dead people and haunted things, too.) Status: Draft two on hold. Had an epiphany about the main romantic relationship, which I think will help structure the story.

4. Frozen World Fantasy
Adult fantasy. Brainstorming and talking to JBJ, another fantasy author, about how to write a fantasy novel. Doing some research on the writing side, working through world building before I start outlining.

5. Marching Rock Band
New adult or adult contemporary romance. Drumlines and rock bands and romance. Status: Draft two in progress. Goal is to get it to early readers by this summer.

6. Siblings Saving the World
New adult or adult supernatural adventure. There are monsters in the world — and sometimes we become them. Reworked the outline this month (while talking to JBJ, I described it as having to draw a new map while lost in the middle of the forest), and am back into writing mode. (I lost the path of the story for awhile, but going back to the outline helped.) Goal is to finish the first draft by the end of June.

7. Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies
(cowritten with Sarah)
Young adult horror. Seven friends go off on an adventure. Not everyone comes home. Sarah and I decided we needed a break from series writing to focus on a one-off, a palate cleanser as it were, where we can just build a world for one book, and write completely within that boundary. We are reevaluating how we want to handle our co-writing career, though, so we’ll see how this goes.

UK Horror Project
(cowritten with Sarah)

1. Talking Dead
Young adult supernatural adventure. Ghosts, monsters, and killers, oh my. Status: Fifth draft in progress, plus a fun side project that will be released as a companion piece once this is published. (We hope we’ll reach the day this is published.) Progress has slowed a lot; sometimes we don’t even get an entire chapter done in a session. Having so much down time between writing sessions is hard. And now we’re reevaluating how to manage our co-writing career, so this is on hold.

2. Halloween Horror
Young adult supernatural adventure. Flirtatious werewolves and incorporeal monsters. Tam needs the supernatural world to shut up a second so she can get laid. Status: Second draft outline in progress. More fallout from the big series breakdown. Monsters & Magic used to be #2, and then it was rolled into #1, and now a very different story has been pulled out of #1 and made into #2 again. *hands*

3. Supernatural Slumber Party
Young adult supernatural adventure. It’s a slumber party of supernaturals, see? Status: First draft complete. Second draft on hold until Halloween Horror draft 2 complete.

4. Wicked Witches
Young adult supernatural adventure. Witches, dude, always with the witches. And the world goes BOOM. Status: First draft complete. Second draft on hold until Supernatural Slumber Party draft 2 complete. Second draft combines Wicked Witches and Monster Mash into one book.