Does Size Matter? — Carla Natali

Does size really matter all that much?

Well, if we´re talking about sexual organs, I´m sorry to be the one to break it to you but yes, size does matter.

I know some people say it doesn´t but the harsh, probably politically incorrect truth is that it does.

When it comes to writing though, I can´t be so sure.

I know we have the tendency to believe bigger is better, but let´s be honest that is not always the case.

Sure, more money, muscles or talent make quantity sounds like something you should be aiming for, but on the other hand aren´t there certain things that we would rather have just enough?

Like centimeters on our hips or bad news?

I´ve been reading a lot about blogging lately and I´ve seen some people defending that your posts should have a certain length if you want to be taken seriously.


Is that what it takes?

Rules: Learn And Apply!

When I started this blog, a few months ago, I thought I would have no problem writing my posts.

After all, I am a writer and I love what I do.

I wrote a book!

Little did I know that writing books had nothing to do with blogging.

It is like saying that Tennis and Beach Tennis are pretty much the same game.

Don´t fool yourself, they´re not and if you try to apply the rules of one game to the other, just because they both involve rackets, a net between the two courts and a ball. You´re toast!

Since I didn´t really like being toast, I now have been trying to read as much as I can about blogging.

I´m taking advantage of this wonderful free information era that we live.

The more I read the more I realize how steep the learning curve actually is!

More often than not, the effort it takes trying to climb this mountain of information under the blistering sun of my ignorance makes me dizzy.

People say is normal and the fog of confusion will dissipate eventually, but funny enough the more it clears the more I clearly I can see how far down I am.

Art And Numbers A Match Made In Hell

I believe writing is a form of art, would you agree?

If so, why should writers abide by a rule that predetermines their text´s length based on the reader´s attention span?

Shouldn´t it simply be as short or as long as the author deems necessary to convey their message?

Should readers even suffer from attention span?

I know I´m new to this but could you please help me understand how am I supposed to twist, amputate and surround my text with enough smoke and mirrors to make it attractive enough, all the while keeping it at the right length for it to appeal to online readers without losing track of the idea itself?

There´s a lot to learn and there are certain rules you should follow if you would like to avoid the unpleasant sensation of watching your posts to being sucked to the Internet black hole, never to be seen again.

Those rules are tested methods to prevent your hard work to be hidden by one of Google´s bots in a God-forsaken nook of this giant digital maze still, I wonder, should we just follow all of the rules blindly?

No questions asked?

Sometimes I feel like I´m already bending my writing into all kinds of unnatural positions in order for it to fit the “mold”.

The SEO part of blogging is always the worst for me.

I can´t help but cringe every time I tweak something just for the sake of a better score.

How far can you bend something before it breaks?

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

I understand how communication could follow such strict rules and become even better, more concise, more intelligible and to the point but I´ll have to admit I´m not sure how much art could benefit from such objectivity?

I truly cannot grasp the concept that the word count could influence if whether or not someone will want to read what you write.

Titles? I get it!

Keywords? Make sense.

Images? Totally understandable!

Who would I be kidding? I went for boobs!


No, not necessarily.

Perhaps, all we need is to learn how to use our fingers better!

Originally published at on January 17, 2019.