Killing my super power before it kills me

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In 2000, I ran the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon. Okay, so it was more like jogging/walking than running, but I finished. Okay, it took me 6+ hours. But I finished. And it felt great. Well, not so much the next day. Or many days thereafter. But all the training and the accomplish was important. It gave me a feeling of empowerment. It was a strange feeling of security that if my car ever broke down 26 miles from home, I knew I could, eventually get back home.

In 2010, I started graduate school and a PhD. program. Meaning, I sit, read, write, repeat. Other things happened between then and now that increased the sitting, a extra long commute, teaching online, and travel. And then, menopause. My metabolism was slow before, now it is at sloth speed.

I do have a super power. No matter what my food intake or level of exercise, my body immediately adjusts (slows down further) in an all out war to retain all of its fat. Perhaps it is that security fear that I may, at any time, ask it to travel 26 miles again on foot. Or perhaps survive the winter in an bat cave living on dirt and lichen.

So, because of my super power, I’m now 54 years old, and 50 pounds overweight. However, over the years, I have learned a few tricks to fool my super power that it can take time off now and again. I have lost weight before and know how to do it. The trick for me outsmarting my metabolism is consistency. Three miles a day, weight training, lots of fruits and veggies, treating carbs like the foodstuffs of Hades. My god, how I love bread! Deep breath.

For the last two weeks I have been very good. I have done the needful and have lost a pound each week. I am already feeling lighter, stronger. One pound a week is victory enough for me and it hasn’t been that difficult. In short, I know I can lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks. If I keep this up. That is why I decided to make this public.

I am very aware of our culture’s body/beauty obsession. I do feel more or less good in my body. But my numbers are not good. Blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol; all too high. I do not want to have the issues my parents had/have (more another day), so for me this means losing fat and adding muscle.

Perhaps no one will read my daily writing on this process. Perhaps it might help others with their over-helpful superpower. Either way, I think it will keep me accountable. If I know that I have to write everyday about what I did or didn’t do, or what I did or didn’t stuff down my pie-hole, I suspect I’ll be more vigilant. Plus this subject invites a humorous tone that my other writing usually does not.

Today’s report. I was tired. I did not sleep well. I woke late. This has been happening every other night. Tonight I will probably sleep like the dead. Knowing that I would be writing this, I did push myself. I walked 55 minutes on the treadmill. I was hoping to jog today, but due to the tiredness, I walked.

I also did push ups, and kettle bell work. In the 50 by 50 at 50 “Recommended” menu tab you can find the equipment I use.

I love my Garmin (affiliate link) it keeps me honest. It does a few squirrley things too, but I’ll save that for another day.

I grocery shopped yesterday and pre-made my salads today for the next four days. I won’t bore you with my diet details for the most part, but it usually consists of a high-protein shake early morning (to curb morning carb cravings), fruit and yogurt snack, salad for lunch, fruit snack, lentils or beans & veggies for dinner. I do eat meat, fish, and eggs sparingly.

Thanks for reading this far. Please let me know about your superpower.

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