sChOOL Trip to BANDE Elementary School

YPbMs go to school!

Today, as 20 participants of #YPbM, we visited the BANDE elementary school in Galizia, Spain.

The occasion was the celebration of European Diversity.

Our target were children from 6 to 7 years old.

As we turned up, we just could feel the high expectations they had on us and we felt like we could have never fail.

So, in order to break the ice, we start talking with them, presenting ourselves in three different languages: our mothertongue, English and just in the end Spanish.

It was thought as a kind of game because they had to guess where we come from just by listening our voices.

Doing so they had the chance to hear how different our languages sound.

Moreover, children had the chance to experience the Italian, Polish, Turkish and Hungarian culture by drawing their ideas they had of our countries.

Just after seeing what were their thoughts, we started mapping our countries in Europe and ask them if they were able to point them out.

We talked about our traditional food, about the most famous buildings, our capital cities, symbolic animals and other traditions.

We found out that they were so much excited and curious for what they were learning and had so many questions we tried to reply.

At the end of our class, they were asked to teach us a song in Spanish so that we can say there was a mutual learning!

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