eBay Adventure — All in the Clear

Immediately after declining the return, all of a sudden I started receiving positive business. I received my payment for two shoes, my bid cleared and I received two more bids from another potential customer. I accepted one but declined that other because business was business. Even though I was decluttering and selling my wares, I still needed to make a profit. I shipped my items priority this past Friday early in the morning. The post office said that it would arrive by Monday. Now this was the first time that I ever shipped to a post office box; but, hey, I still aimed for prompt, high-quality customer service! Besides, the customer paid for it so why not ship it the same day?! I just hoped and started working towards ensuring that I kept the momentum going because I wanted to sell as much merchandise as possible.

Originally published at carlarjenkins.blogspot.com on August 6, 2016.