eBay Adventure — Global Shipping Program

I have listed some new merchandise receiving a brand new order. I have also received a new customer inquiry about the global shipping program. I have never heard about this program before so I tweet @askeBay to inquire. I think that it would be better if I call customer service so that they can walk me through it. I would love to sell the shoes to her so I have called eBay’s customer service line. The representative has been very helpful guiding me through the process. I have learned that I can select eBay Global Shipping for all of my items or just specific items. In addition, I have learned the eBay handles all of the shipping with the global shipping program and the company tries my packages as domestic items even when shipped globally (The customer inquiry comes from Germany). Once I have selected my specific item for the global shipping program. Hopefully, this customer returns and purchases it.

Originally published at carlarjenkins.blogspot.com on August 22, 2016.