eBay Adventure — Sales Coming Out of the Blue

I relisted my items and a couple of days after receiving my bid on another item, I received two bids from a new buyer. I was particularly happy that she bid higher than the repeat person whom I declined. My item was for $100 and she had the unmitigated gall to bid $40 again. The new bidder gave me $80 so it was hers. My rule was I was getting at least 50% because hey this was a business. Furthermore, if they did not sell this time, I would put them on dePop. I was grateful for that especially since I reposted these shoes multiple times (I was also happy that I had no insertion fees.).

I started retweeting my current offerings on Twitter (Must strike while the iron is hot!). Also I have scheduled my eBay adventure posts in Hootsuite across all of my social media platforms. It is important to keep it going because I do want to be paid for my decluttering effort!

Originally published at carlarjenkins.blogspot.com on August 6, 2016.