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Expand Your Personal Brand by Carla R Jenkins

WASHINGTON — May 19, 2016 — PRLog — Author Carla Jenkins’ Expand Your Personal Brand book is featured on I’m an Eclectic Reader blog. This blog’s excerpt is part of Jenkins’ Enchanted Book Promotions 2-month blog book tour. Here is the link: http://imaneclecticreader.weebly.com/blog/book-excerpt-expand-your-personal-brand

Author Carla Jenkins

Carla R Jenkins is a phenomenal expert specializing in positive change management. As the CEO of Phenomena Management Consulting, Carla Jenkins is a business visionary and trailblazer who coaches and leads organizations and individuals in addressing their business, economics, branding and project management needs. Furthermore, in 10 years’ work experience, Ms. Jenkins has received 4 promotions in 10 years. She is also the chief blogger for PositivityChange.com, a positive change management blog, and PM.Expert a project management blog.

Visit Carla R Jenkins at her website: http://carlarjenkins.com/ Buy Expand Your Personal Brand via Amazon pre-order here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EXTELEE Also you can visit www.expandyourpersonalbrand.com.

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