Gratitude Journal : Day 5

I have started this morning with an idea about going to the office sharing place but also to check in with the book promotions company because I paid for my press release but haven’t heard anything. I have copied the book professional’s revised meet the author page to book promotions company this morning and boom out of nowhere the company responds saying that it will use this blurb and get to work. This is how I know that my day will be great. This quick turnaround is productivity!

I have decided to work at the office sharing site, this morning; and, it is the best decision that I could have made. I get to use the Internet, print, revise my book, and conduct a meeting in peace. I know that if I stay at home, I would be watching TV. I am under (my own personal) deadline of completing my interior design edits. Being at here magnifies how grateful I am. I am here in an air-conditioned office environment within walking distance from my home. My $30 all-day pass lets me have access from 8am until 11pm. 15 hours at $30 equals $2 an hour. This $30 is an investment. Here is my gratitude list for today:

  1. I am alive.
  2. Have business liquidity to afford the $30 all-day Cove pass
  3. Receiving my DC tax refund
  4. The gratitude challenge is starting to sink in. My energy is starting to positively shift.
  5. Speaking with Sharvette about speaking opportunities
  6. Being considered for a big marketing opportunity
  7. Working on my press release.

I am very happy that I have received my state tax refund because now I can pay my bills. My maternal great-grandmother said to be happy that you had the money to pay them. She was around during the Great Depression and knew a whole lot of people without money.

I am even happier that this thing is starting to work. Even when I don’t have a ready-made list available, I am just grateful that things are working in my favor. I am willing to admit that this does require elbow grease because as soon as I start being happy, here comes the Devil; and, He is bringing up old stuff from yesterday. This is how I know that I am closer to my breakthrough. The Devil would not be bringing up all of this drama if I am not close; therefore, I keep going.

While at here, I have taken a meeting with my website designer. In her 15-minute consultation, she has given me so many tips and things to consider in promoting my speaking career. I especially appreciate the hashtags (#callforspeaker and #callforspeakers) because this is how I will advertise myself on Twitter and Instagram. I have added it to my Periscope today. I am serious about getting speaking opportunities. I need to share and communicate with people. That is why I do my radio show. I love sharing knowledge to people (and saving them money and headaches in the process).

Upon I return home for lunch, I make my final edits and send it off to the printer. I can now exhale because now all I have to do is work on my bibliography. I will get it to book designer no later than Thursday. I am grateful for this process because I now have a sharper proofreading mind. I know how to proof my work and my message. I have returned back to Cove to print my Nanowrimo and project management ebook drafts. I am sitting on top of too much content gold for it not to be published.

I am grateful that my mentality and thinking have changed because I have started since things in a different way. Yes, I have an MBA, love business but only now have I been thinking in units. The $500 that I give the business networking conference for my ad goes out to 5000 people. If 10% buy my $20 then that is 500 * $20 or $10,000. However, if 1% (50) people buy my $20 book then I will make $1,000. Anyway, I like these odds especially since I will get my money directly from Wells Fargo. Thinking in units is a mentality shift. This is a huge leap. Furthermore, by May 28thI will have also have my workbook printed and in ebook and paperback form. My bundle will cost $35. If 10% of 5000 (500) buy my bundle at $35, I would make $17,500. If 1% (50) buy my bundle, I would make $1,750. The worst that I will do is sell 1%. I am emailing Tiana Wednesday morning telling her that I want to be in the business networking conference book. I will make my $500 back for sure.

Originally published at on April 27, 2016.