Is Slack in Trouble?

In project management software news, people are starting to sound the death knell for Slack. That’s because both Google (Hangout Chat) and Microsoft (Microsoft Teams) are creating Slack imitating bots to challenge its dominance. According to TechCrunch, Slack hasn’t created a strong competitive advantage so Microsoft and Google have low bar of entry and ease of substitution (Ease of substitution is an economics phrase stating how hard it is for a consumer to replace one good with another good.). This development is big news especially with Atlassian’s January 2017 acquisition of Trello. Altassian already owns Asana and Confluence.

What’s happening is that the project management software industry is maturing and with a few years, there will only be 3–4 main competitors. Look at Coke and Pepsi. These are the two big soft drink manufacturers. The same is happening here. I will keep an eye out on the latest Slack and other software developments because project management information software is a critical tool for our work.

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Originally published at on March 12, 2017.