Positive Change with Carla : Self-Investment is the Best Investment

In the January 15, 2016 Positive Change with Carla episode on Blogtalkradio, I will discuss how self-investment is the best investment. People expend energy and resources outside of themselves with very low return on investment. The only way to move up in the world is to invest in yourself. Take a class and find ways to improve your personal and professional lives. When you invest in yourself, your return on investment will be higher. This episode will discuss ways and resources to invest in yourself for free or very low cost. Check out the http://positivitychange.com/ article ‘Self-Investment is the Best Investment’ here: http://positivitychange.com/2015/10/this-week-in-positive-change-management-self-investment-is-the-best-investment/

Originally published at carlarjenkins.com on January 8, 2016.

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