Project Management Minute Podcast — Project Management Office

Today’s Project Management Minute episode will cover the project management office (PMO). The PMO serves as the clearinghouse for all of the company’s projects. It is the epicenter providing project managers with money, people, technology and other resources to ensure project success. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines the project management office as ‘an organizational structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques.’

The PMO is critical in a large company because you must have order and efficient operations. Its presence can monitor the progress of the all projects. Moreover, if the executive board wants to know the status of a specific project, all it has to do to contact the PMO for a report. The PMO serves as the executive communication center. It is like a one-stop-shop.

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Originally published at on October 10, 2016.