Project Management Post : Top 40 Project Management Terms Course Creation

This is the inaugural project management post which will focus on my courses and products. Today I will cover why I have created the top 40 project management terms course. I have created this course for these reasons:

  • Course affordability
  • Teach real certified project management
  • Provide the student with value-added
  • Enable the student to produce a portable uniform result

Course Affordability

I have created Top 40 project management terms course because there are so many courses costing over $2500. I know that this is out of reach for most professionals. $97 is an affordable rate for the average professional who wants to learn project management basics.

Teach Real Project Management

Project management is all the rage. Everyone is talking about it. The discipline’s hotness also means more scam artists who want money over teaching project management. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), all of my definitions come from either the dictionary or the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), fifth edition. The PMBOK is the official guide which all PMPs must adhere. My top 40 project management terms course teaches the student real project management that he can implement effectively and immediately.

Provide the student with Value-Added Material

Teaching from the PMBOK is basic integrity. I am also adding some of my PM.Expert blog articles and my own experiences to bring business value to the customer.

Enable the Student to Produce a Portable Uniform Result

Top 40 Project Management Terms will help the student product a uniform result. Applying the industry standard enabling students to reproduce the same result time and time again. Moreover, real project management is not isolated to just one profession. It is cross-disciplinary. Once you learn real project management, you can apply the lessons and terminology anywhere. In a globalized job market, where you will be changing job markets, it is critical to have transferable skills that don’t get outdated. The top 40 Project Management Terms course will help students achieve this.

Interested in $97 The Top 40 Project Management Terms course? Enroll here:

Originally published at on August 26, 2016.