What I have learned in 2015

2015 has offered me a whole lot of lessons, both good and bad. Here are my biggest lessons:

  • The higher up I go, the more stealth my backup plan has to be.
  • I am very good writer and will publish my new book next year.
  • Overcoming my fear of failure has increased my opportunity. I have owned my own website and started my own online radio show.
  • My being genuine has helped me personally and professionally in so many ways.
  • That I’m now a senior-level professional who might have to rely on search firms now to aid me in my job search.
  • I’ll have to entertain entrepreneurship because I think that I might have hit the ceiling on pay.
  • I need to speak more instead of thinking that the data will speak for me. I admit that I am quite an analytical person but many people aren’t.
  • After filing a customer complaint, release my emotions from the final result.
  • I have been in DC for 9 years and have survived every situation. I most certainly will survive whatever happens next.

Originally published at carlarjenkins.blogspot.com on December 23, 2015.

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