Elaine Welteroth, Onyinye Edeh, Brian Atuhaire, Yara Shahidi, and Shiza Shahid at PATH’s 40th Anniversary celebration earlier this year in Seattle. PATH/Christopher Nelson Photography

Come work with us.

We’re transforming the brand and marketing strategy for one of the world’s largest NGOs.

The following article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

Last fall, I sold my agency and came to work at PATH, an organization driving breakthroughs in medicine, science, technology, advocacy, education, and economics to cure diseases and improve health around the world.

I lead our global marketing and communications teams, and alongside many visionary leaders and communicators, I’m working to transform our overall brand and marketing strategy. Now we’re looking for new talent to join our team and help chart the way forward.

A Growth Opportunity

PATH is the world’s leading global network of inventors, scientists, physicians, policy makers, health workers, and other brilliant minds committed to finding entrepreneurial ways to fight endemic diseases and health threats.

Our process involves scientific rigor combined with outside-the-box thinking. Working up and down the value chain, often in collaboration with expert partners, we develop and implement solutions that help millions all over the world.

Whether it’s medical treatment, vaccines, scientific research, education, nutrition, technology or policy, PATH is determined to find the shortest, most effective route to solving the most pressing health problems that affect large populations.

In a nutshell, we’re the most far-reaching, life-saving global health organization you’ve never heard of.

And it’s time to change that.

Why Global Health

Health equity is a social justice issue. About 16,000 children under five die every day. The vast majority of these children are “born in poor households, rural areas, or to mothers denied basic education” (WHO). These deaths are largely preventable. And they are entirely discriminatory.

Your ability to access health is directly determined by where you live, your race, your class, your sexual orientation, your biological sex, your gender identity and expression, and more. And conversely, your ability to access health directly increases your ability to access education, wealth, safety, and overall well being. Today, many are looking for ways to fight oppression, prejudice, discrimination. Working in global health offers the opportunity to directly make the world more just.


A few factors drew me here and set PATH apart from many other organizations.

We believe in equity.

PATH’s ultimate mission is that our work leads to a more equitable world. We believe in health for all. And we are a truly global team. More than sixty percent of our 1600+ team members are based outside the U.S. and are largely locals (read: not western expats).

We act like a tech startup.

At the heart of our organization are scientists, product designers, behavior change experts, engineers, and others working on human centered solutions to solve some of the world’s greatest health issues. We try things never attempted before. We perfect and scale solutions and we create access for millions of people (over 150 million per year, to be exact). We believe social innovation is the key to changing the world.

We are the best of the best.

We hire and work with the best of the best in our industry. The world’s top malaria vaccine scientists. Former senior officials from governments around the world. Presidential award winners. The woman who spent 20 years leading PATH teams to design and license the world’s first new diaphragm in four decades. The visionaries who developed the first vaccine specifically for Africa, and put an end to a century of epidemics across the continent. The sexual health experts who worked with women around the world to redesign the notoriously unpopular female condom.

Our CEO is a non-traditional NGO leader; he’s a human rights lawyer turned internet pioneer, he helped found then led the global digital media firm, Corbis, he spearheaded social innovation for McKinsey, he’s a faculty lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, he was one of the first openly gay business leaders in Seattle, he’s a global thought leader journalists turn to, he believes in running this nonprofit like a forward-looking business, and he’s dedicated to shifting economic power to the countries and people who have for too long been thought of as beneficiaries vs decision makers and drivers of social change.

Our board is a global who’s who of people leading and changing charity, business, government: One of Africa’s most successful media and business moguls (who happens to be a woman). Microsoft’s head of business development (also a woman). A former U.S. governor. Fortune 50, 100, and 500 executives. Global founders, investors, philanthropists, physicians.

We also work with the best of the best across industries. Our partners are national and local governments, other NGOs, multilaterals (United Nations, WHO, Gavi), and many of the world’s leading corporations. We are collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to execute on visionary disease elimination strategies. We have been tapped by the U.S. Government to convene a global coalition of tech companies and NGOs implementing groundbreaking digital health systems and tools. We are developing vaccines and life saving drugs with the world’s top pharma companies (GSK, Pfizer, Merck), eliminating diseases via mapping and data visualization with elite tech firms (Tableau, Mapbox, DigitalGlobe, Twilio, Alteryx, DataBlick, EXASOL, Slalom), and creating access to life saving care with the world’s biggest brands (Alere, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Philips, Siemens, Wipro, Autodesk).

Marketing for Good

NGOs and nonprofits aren’t known for ahead of the curve marketing. Which is a shame for so many reasons, the obvious being that the more effective and efficient our marketing is, the more peoples’ lives we can improve and literally save.

To add to the challenge, the funding environment is changing before our eyes. We must diversify our funding and rethink our revenue and customer models.

And of course, marketing has transformed more than any other industry I can think of, save for technology itself. The way people interact today with brands across screens, platforms, channels has no precedent.

To me, this is all adds up to massive opportunity.

What would happen if an NGO transformed its brand and marketing, leveraging strategies and solutions from the world’s leading creative agencies, tech startups, and Fortune 500 companies? We’re working fast to find out.

We’ve hired world-class creative firms to rebrand the organization (Manual Creative), completely redesign our website (Instrument), and launch social advertising campaigns to drive awareness and mobilize people who think like us to join the mission (POP).

Join Us

Now we’re looking for visionary marketers and creative people to join our team. I’m creating three new leadership positions And we’re adding other positions across the department to drive the evolution of our teams, brand, and overall marketing strategy for the organization.

Head of Marketing Strategy

We are now recruiting our first-ever Head of Marketing Strategy to provide overall marketing strategy leadership for the organization; build a premier marketing strategy, analytics, and operations team; and lead the formation and evolution of our strategy and insights disciplines to impact our fundraising, advocacy, and overall business goals to impact global health.

Creative Director

We are recruiting our first-ever Creative Director to provide overall creative leadership for the organization, lead the rebrand process and global rollout of the new brand platform, and build and lead a global team of creative designers, writers, photographers, and other producers. The Creative Director will report to the CMO, lead the organization’s Creative Team, and be part of a global leadership team along with our Head of Marketing Strategy and a Head of Media.

Head of Media

As part of our brand transformation, we are restructuring our marketing teams and combining our digital and traditional earned, owned, and paid efforts under a single team, which we are now recruiting our first-ever Head of Media to lead. The integration of these teams will merge media relations, social community management, events, community relations, promotion, paid social, search, email, and display into one team. The Head of Media will expand and lead this newly formed team; continue to evolve and enhance our global media strategy and investment; and help drive our transformation toward a global, data-driven, digital-first brand. (Jonathan Mindenhall recently hired someone like this. If you were in the running for that job and want to live in Seattle for a bit and do work that literally changes and saves lives, call me.)

As we build out our global teams, we’ll continue looking for stellar and diverse creatives and marketers. If you know anyone who would make a great addition now or in the future, please send them our way. We have a global, diverse, brilliant story to tell — rooted in how health inequities impact underrepresented and disproportionately affected groups of people — and we need a global, diverse, brilliant team to tell it.

To learn more, please reach out to Jamie Taylor, our Global Recruiter, at jtaylor@path.org, or connect with me directly on LinkedIn.

Photos courtesy of PATH & Manual Creative.