From HT: Our Year in Review

From January 4, 2016, reposted from

In 2015, our team expanded and we impacted our community by helping many new and established clients meet their goals.

Thank you for being part of this momentous year! Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year.

1 — Times the mayor of a major US city promised to name a street after Highway Twenty

Thanks, Mayor Stanton. Congrats on MovePHX!

2 — Virtual business meetings held with a macaw

We love working with our feathered, furry, and human friends in animal welfare.

7 — Full brand systems designed by our art department

For organizations impacting the arts, children, open spaces, and health care.

10 — #SuperInterns joined us from schools across the country

Including Wellesley, Berkeley and Arizona State. Learn more about our team.

16 — Custom websites we designed, wrote and developed

For causes including education, transportation, animal welfare, and children.

60 — Pounds of Lola coffee beans consumed

We love supporting local businesses.

136 — Friends who joined us for our first ever open house back in April

Thank you if you were able to join us!

193 — Instagram posts

Follow us for a peek into our office culture.

369 — Articles shared in What We’re Reading

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410 — Blog posts published

Check out some examples on our team’s blog.

541 — Email tests run

1,000 — The likely number of times we’ve been asked where we got our name

For the record: Highway Twenty is the road on which Carla, our founder, lived on as a kid.

231,000 — Slack messages sent

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make 2015 a spectacular year. See you in 2016!

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