The frozen north of Hertford Theatre

At the weekend I was lucky enough to be offered press tickets to this year’s Hertford Theatre Christmas extravaganza, The Snow Queen (10th anniversary show no less!) and have to say I loved every minute.

Upon entering the frozen north, erm I mean Hertford Theatre, the scene is set with glorious on-theme decorations — icicles and snowflakes, beautiful glittering silvery lights and Christmas trees decorated in tasteful white. I think I liked this year’s display even more than in previous years, well done Ben Cannell and team!

Rising excitement levels and buzzy chattering inside the packed-out auditorium meant only one…

‘Introduction to Zero Waste’ at Bamboo Turtle shop, Letchworth (the first zero waste shop in Herts). 18th August 2019, led by Stephanie Killingbeck-Turner of www.alifewithlessuk.com

Back in August I stumbled across a Facebook post telling me about a workshop that was to take place the next day, in Letchworth, at the zero waste shop Bamboo Turtle (who I’d been following for a while, with interest). On a whim I booked onto the 3-hour afternoon session. Recently I think we have all been made much more aware of our impact on the planet, and various ways we can try and counteract…

The basement bar of Hertford House Hotel, on a Friday night. Jazz and chatter welcomes me down the steps to the very first Bandy Events show. The bar is subtly lit and looks inviting, the eclectic mismatched furniture is arranged in a lounge style (no rigid rows of chairs here). It’s definitely a red wine kind of vibe. Air con keeps the room fresh and there is chocolate (!) for guests. I can’t imagine a venue more suited to the music and feeling of what I am about to experience.

Shortly after 8pm, the artists take to the stage for…

Last Saturday night in Hertford. With a big difference. I went along to the very first Cooking & Carafes supper club held at the Mill House. What a fantastic evening!

On arrival, I found Kate, creator and founder, in the middle of a fresh pasta making demo — (yes we all got to have a go too). She made it look incredibly easy of course, wielding large sheets of striped spinach and plain pasta which were fed into the machine for flattening, cut into squares, rolled around a rod on a serrated wooden board and voila! Exquisite little pieces of pasta perfection.

This set the precedent for the rest of what turned out to be a lovely evening.

I had never been to a supper club before, but am totally…

Hello again Hertford!

Well it’s the summer break for many of us, and that makes it a great time to read some new blog posts and hear about some of the interesting and unusual happenings coming to Hertford soon.

I was lucky enough recently, to meet with a lovely lady called Sarita, founder of exciting new events company Bandy Events (you can find them on Facebook and Instagram). Over coffee, tea (& cake!) …

Hello Hertford has been busy again, out and about trying Hertford’s finest business offerings just for you. This time I’ve been attending some pilates classes at Nu You Pilates.

Nu You was established in 2010 by fitness professional Nicole Ulatowski from Hoddesdon, and has since grown to occupy two studios (one in Hertford, one in Hoddesdon) as well as running Pilates retreats in Cyprus each summer. Nicole is lovely, and although I didn’t attend any of the classes run by her personally, we had a long video call where she told me a little more about herself and the business…

This week I visited Katie Barnes for a treatment at The Barnes Practice in Railway Place, (just off Ware Road), Hertford. Occupying a spacious building with large frosted windows onto the street, the practice consists of 4 comfortable and well-equipped private therapy rooms, and a spacious and relaxed reception area.

Katie heads up the practice as well as working with clients and employs 6 other therapists who are all able to offer the full range of treatments. After working as a physiotherapist for some time on the same premises at what used to be the Varney Practice, Katie took over…

Hello Hertford visited The Cowper Arms, between the villages of Cole Green and Letty Green, Hertford.

WOW! What a wonderful refurbishment this lovely country pub has had. Only 5 minutes drive west of Hertford, it provides a. gorgeous and sophisticated alternative to the hustle and bustle of the pubs in town.

There is plenty of parking and lots of seating space inside. My first impression was of the lovely new interiors: they’ve really chosen a tasteful and luxurious new look. …

Our Astonishing Adventures at Hertford theatre’s 2018 Christmas show. (Featuring Pinocchio.)

I honestly LOVE living in a town where there’s such a great theatre just down the road, a huge and welcoming foyer where you can book tickets or have a cup of tea, attend classes or watch a film and walk home afterwards. And I have to say Hertford theatre’s Christmas production of The Astonishing Adventures of Pinocchio did not disappoint.

This exciting, entrancing, rousing and heart-warming rendition of a very old story was enchantingly played by just 6 fantastic actors who each took on multiple magical roles. The…

in Hertford

There is nothing about newly-opened pub The Hummingbird, on Fore Street in Hertford that isn’t stylish. Starting with its gorgeous exterior: the beautiful double-fronted building now painted an elegant pale pink and boasting a smart lit up name sign as well as a daintily illustrated wooden pub swing board. The stunning Victoriana-style interior is something extra special as well and truly has to be seen to be believed.

Carla Brown

Hertford mum of two blogging about the wonderful town and everything it has to offer families

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