The Art of Touching

The Art of Touching

Just as knowing techniques of painting doesn’t necessarily make you an artist, knowing tantric techniques does not necessarily make you a good lover.

A good artist goes within and feels what and how he or she wants to express. A good artist doesn’t remember what strokes to make… they dig deep into their own feelings to express the object being painted.

Similarly, when you touch your lover, it’s important to approach it artistically. You dig deep into your own feelings and are present to your lover who’s receiving your touch.

When you touch, choose to express your deep love. You become profoundly present to your touch, feeling your hands flooded with love energy and you are tuning into your lover and feel how he or she wants to be touched.

So basically, you need to be present both to your giving touch and to the receiver receiving it.

What can you do if they are not present? Is there something your can whisper in their ears that will take them away from their thinking mind into the here and now? When we are not present, we are thinking or expecting a result.

If you are tuned in, you will know what breath or what different stroke will bring him or her to presence, so you can both move together towards a deeper connection.

The Female Tantric Breath, the Ocean Breath, is the best way I know to stop the mind chatter and allow you to tune into each other.

Until you are present with each other, any techniques you use will not give you the deep satisfaction you are looking for.

Receiving seems to be more challenging for women, often because we have been conditioned to give, give, give. However, learning to receive fully is essential to complete the cycle of giving and receiving. When we don’t receive, we run out of steam and we are also depriving the giver the pleasure to give.

As the receiver, we have to learn to go into the receiving mode without guilt.

We need to open up.

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