Gardening & the secret to a kickass life

Photo credit: Allef Vinicius, Unsplash

I know what you’re thinking. Gardening is a hobby for sweet, little old ladies who bake muffins, wear floppy hats, and drive cars as big as a tank — people who wouldn’t harm a hair on a caterpillar.

You are wrong.

There is badass side to gardening that I’m just starting to discover. It has to do with stealing, and booze, and dirty hoes.

My sister took up gardening years ago and I’ve seen a change in her. It started out innocently enough — a little Mexican heather here, a Blanket flower there. It let her get her hands dirty. It was cute.

But now we can’t drive anywhere without her scanning the ditches hoping to spot plants thriving in the wild. She’ll shamelessly pull over, rip sunflowers by the roots, and carefully place them in the bed of her truck. Or worse, force me out do her dirty work for her.

Last summer she discovered slugs having a party in her precious Hostas, so she made them a little slug keg. She filled a tuna tin with beer and set it on the ground. The slugs treated themselves to a sip, fell in and died. Hosta la vista baby.

I catch her feeling leaves, flowers and trees wherever she goes, even at funerals. If it was possible, she would begin and end each day in her garden.

I want to encourage you to pursue your dreams with the same reckless abandon and belief that anything is possible as my dirt-smudge sister who carries a shovel, bottled water and a plastic bag in her trunk as her emergency tools.

Whatever you feel inspired to do with your precious life — build houses, write children's’ books, learn how to cook the best French meal, join a rock band or launch a startup, adopt a bunch of kids, dance with Ellen, run a marathon, travel to India — don’t just believe it’s possible, expect it to happen.

Expecting your dream to happen is a whole new level. You can feel it in your bones because you know that you deserve to have it. You deserve to feel fabulous and jazzed about your life (and that includes being rich and in love).

Why not?

Like my sister faithfully tending garden plants in her robe and clogs, you need to care more about being your true self than caring about what anyone else thinks or believes is possible. Don’t cut yourself short or live small because you’re wonder if you’re good enough or afraid you’ll be judged or that feel it’s too risky. That’s a disservice to everyone, especially you.

When you’re doing stuff that knocks your socks off, that scares you a bit but bring you so much joy you have glitter shooting out of your eye sockets, you light up like a torch and that fire touches everyone who comes near you. That’s your entire purpose in life. The reason you exist. To do things that set you on fire. The world needs you do to that.

You are amazingly powerful person capable more than you know. Each time you light up, you’re calling more miracles to you. Believe that what you desire is already here and expect it to be you. Right now, you can have it all.