My One Wish

Not too long ago, I was oblivious of my power …to the point of insomnia, overwork, stress eating, binge drinking, body aches, rapid aging…

And then, thanks to my boys, I discovered a whole new way to live, think, exist in each moment.

Today my soul is FULL and feeling so LOVED, my spirit shiny clean and I’m smiling ALL THE TIME just because I know I AM A QUEEN.

See, I don’t know about you, but I believe I was born this way.

I can feel it with every fiber of my being, that I came here, not just by chance being this way, but intending to be this way.

I hit the ground running and HERE I AM.

Then, living in this world filled with so many wonderful things, I began noticing things that weren’t quite so wonderful. And those things PAINED me because I want a wonderful world, not just for myself but for everyone.

Separating myself from others isn’t possible because I know that we’re never separate. We come from the same place, like drops of water come to the big sea.

In fact, everyone is God.

See, I have a dream about the way life can be on this planet.

I dream that we can live peacefully together in a variety of personalities, genders, financial and sexual orientations.

I see this beautiful world of such diversity and abundance, providing us EVERYTHING we need for incredible, life giving expansion.

I see a world where IN OUR DIFFERENCES we find our TRUE STRENGTHS.

I see a world where we come together in our differences — not agreeing with one another — but rather understanding that OUR DIFFERENCES provide us the basis from which WE CAN ALL CREATE. And in this creation, there is enough for ALL of us.

I know that this is a vast and unlimited world. I no longer believe in shortages, boundaries, or lack.

I know that people don’t have to think what I think in order for me to think it. Or be what I be in order for me to be it.

I understand that I am unlimited, no one can hurt me but myself, and mostly, I know that I’m worthy of it. We all deserve abundance, love, good health, affection, truth and peace on earth.

I understand that all along this DREAM of mine has been dreamed by others and lived by many, and I’m now proclaiming that I intend to live my dream.

I am free to be as I be. I’m no longer going to ask the impossible of the world to come into alignment with what I want. Because I don’t want world alignment, I want DIVERSITY. It’s the basis of that which we are becoming.

I need and want only alignment between me and my dream.