The best Chatbot Third Parties Analytics for your Business


In recent years, web Analytics and Social Media Analytics have been some of the best tools to calculate your online engagement for your brand and helped you increase your reach to your potential customer as well as retarget abandon purchased.

But to be honest, the golden 💰💰💰SEO and Facebook ads days are have been gone long time ago.


Like that haystack, you can roll-up some of your digital marketing habits and prepare to unlearn a portion of what you actually take for granted in your job and lay them down there.

Chatfuel, ManyChat, and most of the important AiOS offer to some extent analytic tools that will give you insights on your users behaviours.

But, adding third parties analytic tools will give an additional layer of useful user data to increase your Ai agents open rate and ultimately increasing your converting rate and by this lead them further down your funnel (i.e. notice here I have not referred to a sale funnel, because too many digital marketers spam bot users using the same cold call email marketing techniques 😡 but I’ll address this problem in another article).

Third parties bot analytics allow you to get finally be friend with your users by knowing their emotional response and ultimately:

Increase user engagement;
understand how your users react to your targeted broadcasts;
Take a human lead whenever your Agent fell to respond correctly.

I have made my personal list of the bot analytic tools I use with all of my clients in order to take the best of their tailor-made third parties Ai analytics solutions made for their business.


With user friendly integrations, native support to Facebook, Google npm Module, Alexa, Kik, and Twitter and a generic REST API integration for all of the other platforms, your bot Analytics options are pretty much covered with Dashbot.

With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa you know this third party analytics focus on users’s engagement through natural language processing by voice and text interactions through actionable bot analytics.

Dashbot can not only empower your users’ engagement, users’ acquisition, and monetisation through actionable bot analytics (as per its website), it also has a unique feature that allow to track sentiment behaviour through a unique analytic setup as per their web site:

Sentiment is a -5 to 5 scale: with positive numbers indicating positive sentiment, negative numbers indicating negative sentiment, and zero indicating neutral sentiment. Words, messages, and transcripts are scored. Transcript reports show the average sentiment for each session. The Sentiment report shows the average daily sentiment for your bot across all sessions.

The word “sentiment” is pretty new in the artificial intelligence community. In fact thousands of Ai searchers are currently trying to create emotional quotient to artificial entities. By understanding human emotional intents, the Ai agent will provide a more accurate response to the human’s intent or need.

Pro: user friendly, easy setup, most advanced analytics out there

Con: sometimes the Facebook button to sign-up has a glitch but that’s not’s fault.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


credit: botanalyltics

With integration to Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Twilio, Viber and Generic integrations, botanalytics offer a wide range of possibilities for various type of Ai agent user cases (analytics, communication, customer support, design, developers tools and education).

However if you don’t have any coding skills setting-up your botanalytics account for any of your given bot might be a bit tricky (meaning you either need to do the setup a webhook with Node.js, Microsoft Bot Framework, Ibm Watson with Howdy’s Botkit, etc).

Which mean…yeah not that user friendly. 😒


Hopefully, the setup is much more easier with Chatfuel following these three simple steps (Chatfuel seems to have a problem as I write this article so I will edit it later with the concrete steps 🙄).

Botanalytics also have a solid dashboard with intuitive ui ux design which compensate for its non-user friendly initial setup.

This second third party chatbot analytics tools offer similar tools then like analyzing your engagement rates, being able to segment your conversations in order to provide more insights.

It also allow to set events as well as funnels to track the objectives you have in mind in terms of demographics, for example.

You can also take over the discussion if anything goes wrong and your bot is having one of these hang over moment:


Pro: Dashboard ui ux design

Con: initial setup can be harsh for beginners

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟


credit: Yandez Metrica
Connect a Yandex.Metrica account to see user input for each plugin, access more popular user phrases, and gain deeper insight into the user statistics. Please do not use a social login. Use/create a Yandex-specific login/password instead.

(This is the message you get first before you try to connect to Yandex Metrica).

I’d love to give a positive review of their analytics tool but I tried like 5 times and got this 404 error all the time:

credit: Yandex Metrica or AppMetrica

Pro: I’ll describe them once I can access it

Con: same over here

Rating: TBD

As usual this article is my own impression of the tools out there, go try them yourselves and see which one fit your bot personality. 🤖

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