Dear Pre-Nashville Carlee,

Say yes to everything. Just always say yes. Except when it comes to online dating. Don’t say yes to any of them.

Actually, I take that back. Say yes to the first one because it will make a good story.

That first bed you buy here, don’t. It breaks the second time your roommate wakes you up by jumping on you. Don’t be cute, and just buy a sturdy bed frame the first time.

The best thing you can do when you move to a new city, even if this city isn’t totally brand new, is train for a race. So sign up for that marathon.

Even if it takes a fifth of Jack to convince yourself. Just do it. You’ll learn so much about the city and about your body when your Saturday’s are spent running 10 miles.

And while you’re training, give yourself grace. Some days are bad running days.

In fact, give yourself grace more often. No one knows what they are doing and everybody cries on the kitchen floor.

When it comes time to quit your business, maybe don’t jump in right away. But choosing to quit is okay, just be careful into jumping in head first. And when other business things fail, just trust it. Believe me, just trust it.

Understand now that you won’t be making a living writing this year. Or next. Or the year after. And that’s okay. Write anyway, and then find a second career-love.

Remember how much you thought you hated branding? You don’t. You just hate shitty clients. Go back to your business after you quit it.

Email everyone. All the time. And email them your real thoughts. And then email people out of the blue. Cold-emailing is your forte so own it.

Find a friend who understands a love for a city. And find a friend who understands depression. Find a friend who loves to eat. And then find a friend who will always explore too. But they need to be different friends.

Buy plane tickets any time you want to. Remember I told you to say yes? Always say yes to getting outside the city lines.

Don’t use GPS. Unless you absolutely have to.

Kick the creamer habit early. There are so many chemicals in that crap. And you won’t get a side eye at Barista Parlor when you ask for half and half.

Did I tell you to give yourself grace? You’re not as messed up as you think, it’s just a rough season. I promise at the end of it, you’ll be okay. Better than okay.

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