Adding shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar in Office

Oct 1, 2018 · 2 min read

If you have ever spent too much time looking for a particular option in Excel, PowerPoint or Word you might like to know how to add and edit the shortcuts in your Quick Access toolbar.

Quick Access toolbar

The Quick Access toolbar is the perfect place for those document functions you use all the time. When you add items to this toolbar they are always available in the top left of your application, no matter which menu tab you are using at the time. Fewer clicks, more time, who wouldn’t want that?

Quick Access toolbar with default options shown in top left of image.

In the screenshot above (top left) you can see from left to right ‘Save’, ‘Undo’, and ‘Repeat typing’ are already set as shortcuts by default. Repeat typing is not something I ever use so I am going to swap it out for Format painter which is a really handy tool I wrote about in my ‘PowerPoint tips’ post. Follow the instructions below to learn how you can edit this toolbar:

1. In your document select ‘File’ then ‘Options’.

* If you’re using Office 2010 you can click the icon next to the shortcut menu that looks like an eject button and select ‘More Commands’.

2. Select ‘Quick Access toolbar’ from the menu on the left.

3. Select the shortcut you want from the box on the left and click the ‘Add>>’ button to move it into the Quick Access toolbar on the right.

Quick Access Toolbar editing menu, in Microsoft Word.

4. If you can’t see the options you’re looking for, open the drop down menu above the left hand box and choose from the existing tab names or ‘Commands not in the ribbon’ to find them.

5. Once you have added your shortcuts to the quick access toolbar box on the right click ‘OK’.

That’s it! Your new shortcuts will now be available anytime you open the application.

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