She wrote all about the pain that he made her felt .
But she didn't write about the great times that he made her heart melt. 
Because of him, she was content. 
He would walk any distance , there was no extent. 
They both give there love to each other without consent . 
They give more than they imagine or intent. 
Maybe they aren't broken just bent.

The agony was the only thing she addressed .
Because the love she felt for him was too much to be expressed. 
On paper she only wrote about the things that made her depressed. 
Now she is about to confess. 
Everything became to much for her to compress. 
She was to occupied keeping herself in distress. 
Every second with him she felt blessed.
The way he 'woo' her no one else can contest.
The park dates , the video calls , the little things even falling asleep on his chest. 
She was more than impressed. 
They loved each other even when they were a big mess.

There was magic in the way they connect. 
There friendship blossomed in a way that they didn't expect. 
Truly admirable, this I definitely respect. 
I guess it was the 'butterfly effect .' 
The memories made she would never forget. 
There is nothing that she regret.
Mistakes made but they are trying to correct. They are only human, so what if they had disconnect? 
She still love the flawed human she first met. 
Forgiving heart but she still had alot to digest. 
They met in a time that they were both wrecked. 
That's a fact she have to accept. 
It's time to shine,let's not reflect.

The times they shared it's hard to forget. 
His tormenting ways and torture even in sex. 
Oh she wish she could Have kept. 
For her there was no regrets. 
Sometimes she wish she could press reset. 
Keep him all to herself. No disrespect!
He suffered with depression. 
Something she forgot to mention. 
He could never fully be in the moment without it bringing some sought of tension. 
He wasn't always happy with his reflection. 
Sometimes it reached as far as him giving himself his own detention. 
He lived a life filled with guilt, obsessions and psychiatrist sessions. 
She only saw a flawed human being and she fell in love with all his imperfections. 
She saw how much he tried and battled with himself daily.
Without a doubt, without a question. 
All she wanted to do was give him all of her attention. 
Filled his life with love, show him real affection . 
She wish she could have helped pulled him in a new direction.
Show him all life has to offer all the beautiful creations.

She knew she was giving herself to someone who wasn't in the position to commit.
Yet he became her cocaine. 
She became an addict. 
Two helplessly romantic souls. 
They met at a time they were both unfit. 
None of them came fully equipped. 
But there story didn't end even when they split. 
It was the beginning of a new chapter.
They are now venturing on there new journey.
Starting over with their friendship.

She is grateful.
She got to keep her friend.
He is thankful.
She spoke to him again.

Poem by:Carlene Pantin