What to Write…

Have you ever been in a position to write but couldn’t? It’s not like you have nothing on your mind…it’s more like you have too much on your mind. That’s me. I have a zillion topics I can write about. Want to hear a few? Here goes…

I can write about:

  1. Why are men so stubborn?

2. Why do I feel so stuck?

3. I’m not happy.

4. I have no time for myself.

5. I miss my girlfriends.

6. Where’s the man I married?

7. I want some ice cream.

8.Is there a rule for how long your eyebrows should be?

9. I want to go back to school.

10. I need a vacation.

These are just a few things that are on my mind besides the list of chores I have to do on top of the list of chores the children have to do on top of the list of errands I have to run on top of the list of calls I have to make on top of the list of texts I have to answer on top of the list of emails I have to read…um…I’m a mess right now, but at least I got some of it out.

Maybe the above list can become a series of questions I answer one by one. I’ll start tomorrow or Sunday…or maybe next week sometime. But for now, I’m good.

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